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Special Journal Publications on Social, Economic and Environmental Aspects of Sustainable development

1. Economic aspect!

This is about the creation of new markets/opportunities for sale growth, efficiency improvements, energy and raw material inputs to reduce cost and about creation of additional value. The list of Special Journal Publications that covers the Economic aspect of sustainable development include but may not be limited to the following 

  1. Special Journal of Engineering, Physics Maths & Statistics
  2. Special Journal of Politics and Economic Sustainability
  3. Special Journal of Banking, Finance, and Management
  4. Special Journal of Philosophy, Sociology, and Education
  5. Special Journal of Computer Innovations and Bioinfomatics
  6. Special Journal of Laws, Ethics, and Religion

3. Environmental aspect!

This is about reduction of waste effluent generation, emission into environment, impact on human health, use of renewable raw material and about elimination of toxic substances:

  1. Special Journal of Climate Change,
  2. Special Journal of Geology,
  3. Special Journal of Chemistry,
  4. Special Journal of Physics,
  5. Special Journal of Engineering,
  6. Special Journal of Ecology,
  7. Special Pathogens Review Journal,
  8. Special Journal of Herbal Research
  9. Special Journal of Open Research



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