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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020!!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020!!!

Special Journals group wishes all people from around the world the very best this season can offer. May you receive joy peace and love for the whole year! May this season be full of surprises and cheers for you just because you deserve it. May this season bring you fond memories, happiness, and laughter? We wish you a marginal and blissful season. The year 2019 has been a very unique year where many things happened to many people both positive and negative. Accepting what we cannot change is one of the recipes to moving forward not allowing external factors to affection our professional judgment.

Special Journal list below are for you

We hope and wish the year 2020 will be the best year for all our stakeholders? We have initiated the process of launching 42 journals with the hope that you will find the platform being developed a suitable place to publish your original research findings in 2020. May you find 2020 a year you will publish or publish all your research results to be read by the stakeholders

Special journal Publishing list are as followings

  1. Special Bacterial Pathogens Journal
  2. Special Viral Pathogens Journal
  3. Special Fungal Pathogens Journal
  4. Special Parasites Pathogens Journal
  5. Special Pathogens Review Journal
  6. Special Journal of food and Nutrition
  7. Special Journal of Biochemistry
  8. Special Journal of Physiology
  9. Special Journal of Pharmacology
  10. Special Journal of Anatomy
  11. Special Journal of Public Health
  12. Special Journal of Disease Markers
  13. Special Journal of Pathology
  14. Special Journal of Medicine
  15. Special Journal of Surgery
  16. Special Journal of Pediatrics
  17. Special Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology
  18. Special Journal of Herbal Research
  19. Special Journal of Immunology
  20. Special Journal of Non-infectious Diseases
  21. Special Journal of Education
  22. Special Journal of Engineering
  23. Special Journal of Management
  24. Special Journal of Economics
  25. Special Journal of Ethics
  26. Special Journal of Nursing Science
  27. Special Journal of Ecology
  28. Special Journal of Climate Change
  29. Special Journal of Computer Science
  30. Special Journal of Laws
  31. Special Journal of Sexuality
  32. Special Journal of Bioinformatics
  33. Special Journal of Mathematics and Statistics
  34. Special Journal of Open Research
  35. Special Journal of Physics
  36. Special Journal of Chemistry
  37. Special Journal of Sociology
  38. Special Journal of Geology
  39. Special Journal of Philosophy and Religious Studies
  40. Special Journal of Political Sciences
  41. Special Journal of Banking and Finance
  42. Special Journal of Cancer

We are working to index relevant journals with the list below

  • Abstracts on Hygiene & Communicable Diseases (CABI)
  • Academic OneFile (GALE Cengage)
  • Academic Search Alumni Edition (EBSCO Publishing)
  • AgBiotech News & Information (CABI)
  • AgBiotechNet (CABI)
  • Animal Breeding Abstracts (CABI)
  • Animal Science Database (CABI)
  • ASFA: Aquatic Sciences & Fisheries Abstracts (ProQuest)
  • Biological & Agricultural Index Plus (EBSCO Publishing)
  • Biological Abstracts (Thomson Reuters)
  • BIOSIS (Thomson Reuters)
  • BIOSIS Previews (Thomson Reuters)
  • Botanical Pesticides (CABI)
  • CAB Abstracts® (CABI)
  • CABDirect (CABI)
  • Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS)
  • Chemoreception Abstracts (ProQuest)
  • CSA Biological Sciences Database (ProQuest)
  • CSA Neurosciences Abstracts (ProQuest)
  • Dairy Science Abstracts (CABI)
  • Embase (Elsevier)
  • Environmental Impact (CABI)
  • Global Health (CABI)
  • Google Scholar
  • Health Reference Center Academic (GALE Cengage)
  • Index Veterinarius (CABI)
  • Journal Citation Reports/Science Edition (Thomson Reuters)
  • Leisure, Recreation & Tourism Abstracts (CABI)
  • MEDLINE/PubMed (NLM)
  • Nematological Abstracts (CABI)
  • Neurosciences Abstracts (ProQuest)
  • Nutrition Abstracts & Reviews Series A: Human & Experimental (CABI)
  • Nutrition Abstracts & Reviews Series B: Livestock Feeds & Feeding (CABI)
  • Pig News & Information (CABI)
  • Poultry Abstracts (CABI)
  • ProQuest
  • Protozoological Abstracts (CABI)
  • PubMed Dietary Supplement Subset (NLM)
  • PubMed via PMC deposit (NLM)
  • PsychInfo
  • Review of Aromatic & Medicinal Plants (CABI)
  • Review of Medical & Veterinary Entomology (CABI)
  • Science Citation Index (Thomson Reuters)
  • Science Citation Index Expanded (Thomson Reuters)
  • SCOPUS (Elsevier)
  • Soils & Fertilizers Abstracts (CABI)
  • Soybean Abstracts Online (CABI)
  • Sugar Industry Abstracts (CABI)
  • Tropical Diseases Bulletin (CABI)
  • Veterinary Bulletin (CABI)
  • VINITI (All-Russian Institute of Science & Technological Information)
  • Web of sciences
  • Zoological Record

Your contributions for special journal publishers

Special Journals publication welcome all contributions in the form of authors and reviewers and donors. We may have limited resources but that does not mean we have limited research capacity. We may have produced sporadic reports but that does not in any way imply that we have sporadic database. We may have no access to cutting edge technology and that does not mean we cannot handle or manage when exposed to that technology.

With your support, we can compete with the big names

We have the intellectual capacity to generate data for analysis and interpretation for the betterment of our local populace. Let’s take the future of developing and under developed countries into our hands so that we are able to harness our potentials which will ultimately reduce our dependence on the developed world. These will improve our standing with our partners from the developed world.

Send your papers now

Support this initiative therefore by sending your manuscripts at once to us here at the submit page or by email attached to

Submit your papers/manuscripts by email attachment of entire word document to us at or call +256782101486 and +256703129679. We will aknowledge receipt of manuscript within 24hrs or else send again until ok.


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